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BD 2015-2016 Fall Catalog

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6.0L UpPipes

Stainless piping

Stainless Cast Y

V-Band connections

Eliminates exhaust leaks

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Turbo Blankets
A "MUST HAVE" For Your Turbo Set Up!

Cooler engine compartment temperatures

Stylized look
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NEW! 6.0L TapShifter/ExBrake

TapShifter and Exhaust Brake all rolled into one

Ford 6.0L

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2-year Warranty on CR Injectors

BD Common Rail Injectors
now come with
2-year Limited Waranty

Dodge CR Injectors

Chevy CR Injectors

NEW! Duramax UpPipes
304 Stainless
Cast mounting flanges
Smooth mandrel bends
Increased turbo response
Lower EGT’s
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NEW! ISX Manifold-Turbo Upgrade
Pulse design manifold
Thick walled casting
Slip joints / No Cracking
Replaces costly OE turbo
Lower maintenance cost
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Check Out Our Feature Products!
6.4L TapShifter
Now Access all 5 gears with a tap of your finger. Control lock-up clutch for pulling or dyno testing. Overdrive control for in town or towing. Works great with engine retarders like BD's VVB. Read More
Ford 6.7L Exhaust Brake
Equip your Ford 6.7L with a BD Exhaust brake control. It's a safety benefit! Read More
6.0L TapShifter/ExBrake
Access all 5 gears with a tap of your finger plus exhaust brake functions in one complete package for the Ford 6.0L PowerStroke! Read More
Throttle Sensitivity Booster
Improves Throttle Sensitivity, Quicker Acceleration and Reduced Pedal Lag! Available for Dodge, Ford and Chevy. Gas and Diesel applications. Read More
Stock Performance Plus CR Injectors
Stock Performance Plus CR Injectors - 10-15 more HP at the same cost as OE stock replacements.

Diff Covers
BD's Cast to Cool Differential Cover. Almost double the fluid capacity. Engineered cover design keeps oil on the gears.